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Need personal promo codes for your readers? Just let us know and we send you exclusive 30% off promo codes and discount coupons.

Why using promo codes?

There is no need to use your affiliate link anymore with your personal affiliate promo codes. When VPN user enters your exclusive promo code while purchasing a VPN subscription on website, YOU EARN.
Our system detects that promo code was linking to your affiliate account and adds money to your account.


You got an exclusive 10% off promo code from Trust.Zone and shared it with your readers or subscribers via Twitter or Facebook, Instagram and etc. Your affiliate link is not required in this case. Your post will not look like ads or attempt to earn money. It looks natural.

When any user on the web enters your promo code while purchasing our VPN subsription, you earn money!
It's easy!

If any user on the web googles your exlusive promo code somewhere, YOU EARN. Just spread your personal coupons on the web.

Just fill the following form to get a personal promo code, enter a subject "Need a personal promo code"  - we will get in touch shortly!

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Christmas and Happy New Year Deal - Boost your commission up to 50 USD per saleHigh Earning Landing Pages are Avaialble!

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Christmas and Happy New Year Deal - Boost your commission up to 50 USD per sale

Trust.Zone starts Christmas and Happy New Year Deals!

Don't miss our deal. Put Trust.Zone ads on your websites aggressively to earn 10 times more during Christmas week. Trust.Zone is usuaully selling 200,000 licenses during Winter Holidays.

We start selling long tems plans - 2 YEARS and 3 YEARS with a HUGE DISCOUNT, so, your commission per sale may reach up to $50 per every sale! read more >>

14 December 2020

New Landing Pages Available! Increase Your Conversion Rate by up to 225%

Our team has successfully tested several new landing pages. According to our tests, you can improve your conversion rate up to 225% while using our new promo landing pages. We can modify texts on the landing pages upon your request. It's free of charge.   read more >>

14 October 2020

Trust.Zone Added a Postback Feature. You Can Now See a Source of Your Sale

Trust.Zone Team has added a new option for all affiliates - a postback. Now you can see a source of your every sale. If you send visitors from different sources (websites, pages, blogs and etc) to Trust.Zone, you can determine a source which made a sale for you.

The solution is adding a special parameter to your affiliate link. When sale has been done, we send a notification (a postback) to you with your earnings value. You can now understand which of your visitors generated a sale. read more >>

1 February 2020